About Heritage Financial Counselors

Our mission is to provide you with empathetic, knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy financial counsel. “Counsel” is a term that carries significant meaning for us. To provide counsel is first and foremost to listen. Your life story is our starting point to understanding what is important to you. Who are the people you care about most? What are the experiences you would like to share with them? How do you hope to live a full and fulfilling life? Our financial counselors are engaged listeners and share the belief that life’s purpose is to be found by serving others: family members, friends, faith communities and clients.

Financial Counselors<br>for Life

Financial Counselors
for Life

Financial counseling is a lifelong work-in-progress. The independent advice you receive during financial counseling sessions can help you plan for a career change, make the transition to retirement, or manage unexpected outcomes such as a disability or the death of a loved one.

Experienced Team of<br>CFP® Professionals

Experienced Team of
CFP® Professionals

Charlie Weidman, Nancy Mulvey and our professional partners make up our team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professionals. This group represents a well of knowledge from which we draw insights, commentary and diverse points of view for a robust financial counseling experience.

Independent Advice through Strategic Partners

Independent Advice through Strategic Partners

Strategic partnerships with Dimensional Fund Advisors, TD Ameritrade, eMoney Advisor and Buckingham Strategic Partners provide us with research, technology and support that enhances our ability to offer you independent financial counsel.