Integrated Financial Planning Approach

Our emphasis on holistic, comprehensive financial planning distinguishes our approach from financial professionals who focus solely on investments or insurance products. Our integrated financial planning approach is designed to educate you about retirement planning, multigenerational estate planning, tax planning, insurance planning and investment management, all within the context of your life plan.

Life Planning

Life Planning

Your life plan is a quantitative and strategic representation of the quality of life that you envision for yourself and your family. Weaving your wealth into the fabric of experience, a life plan gives your financial plan tangible expression through the people and activities that matter most to you.

  • Comprehensive financial planning
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Assets and liabilities analysis
  • Debt management and savings strategies
  • Education planning
Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

A sound retirement plan can help you address concerns about meeting your income needs and expenses after your working years are behind you. We help you identify your ideal of a successful retirement then put strategies into action that define a clear path to achieving those long-term goals and aspirations.

  • Asset accumulation strategies
  • Distribution and income replacement strategies
  • Cash flow and balance sheet forecasting
  • Annual plan reviews
Estate Planning

Estate Planning

An estate plan is more than a collection of strategies to minimize estate taxes. An effective estate plan ensures that your financial assets go to those you hold most dear. In collaboration with your attorney, we help you plan your estate so that you can leave a legacy to your loved ones for generations to come.

  • Wills and durable powers of attorney
  • Trusts and intended purposes
  • Communication and coordination with your estate planning attorney
Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Integrating tax strategies and the important work done by your CPA into the framework of your financial plan can help you mitigate your tax liabilities and work toward your financial goals. We help you determine a tax-efficient approach that seeks to grow your nest egg so that you can use those savings in retirement.

  • 529 college funding for children/grandchildren
  • Gifting strategies
  • Maximizing tax-deferred contributions to retirement plans
  • Tax-efficient distributions from IRAs in retirement
  • Cost basis and realized gains reviews
  • Potential Roth conversions
  • Communication and coordination with your CPA
Insurance Planning

Insurance Planning

Unexpected life events can disrupt your best-laid plans, which is why it is vital to identify your exposure to those risks and protect against them. We help you determine what kind of insurance makes sense in the context of your financial plan and understand the various products that are available.

  • Life insurance
  • Disability income insurance
  • Property and liability insurance
  • Health care and Medicare
  • Long-term care insurance
Investment Management

Investment Management

Investment management is the process of aligning the goals in your financial plan with targeted investment strategies. We base our portfolio recommendations on your goals, time horizon and risk profile.

  • Strategic portfolio review within context of overall financial plan
  • Investment Policy Statement(s)
  • Investment recommendations
  • Fee transparency