Thoughtful Investment Management Strategies

Managing an investment portfolio can be complicated, difficult, confusing and emotional. The number of available financial products has exploded in recent years, and we are continually bombarded with contradictory banter from the financial media. The choices in your 401(k) plan alone can boggle the mind. Our financial counselors strive to separate the signals from the noise, providing you with thoughtful investment management strategies that serve the goals of your financial plan.

Our objective is to help you clarify the purposes for your wealth, both near term and longer term. We then develop investment management strategies to help you achieve your aims. As no two people will have the same risk tolerance, time horizon and financial goals, our investment recommendations are unique to your financial situation. Here are a few scenarios to illustrate that one size does not fit all:

Client A

Client A is 30 years old and is starting a family. She wants to buy a house, pay off college debt and start saving for retirement.

Client B

Client B is 60 years old and wants to retire in two years. He wants to sell his current home, buy two smaller homes in separate states, and leave a legacy for his loved ones and charity.

Client C

Client C is 70 years old and is concerned about outliving her money. Income is a higher priority than “outperforming the market.”

The Tenets of Our Investment Management Philosophy


We believe capital markets work.


We believe in investing, not speculating.


We believe costs matter and that lower investment management costs help clients.


We believe it is important to communicate openly and proactively with clients, when markets are calm and when markets are volatile; when life is calm and when life is volatile.

Applying Science to Investing